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<Saturday, February 18, 2012>

From 4 months down to 1 month. Now, don't remind me that I'm officially left with 27 days before being someone's wife. This year time passed too fast isn't it? :)

Besides busy preparing for the wedding, I always wonder whether I could be a good wife, and is ready to go to the phase called MARRIAGE. Ready? Who am I kidding? I'm getting married soon ley!!

I've always heard that brides to be always prepare so excitedly for their wedding, but actually the main important thing is the after wedding - the marriage. That's where the the challenge kicks in. Of course I hope, that Ridzuan will be the last man in my life, and the man to lead me to Jannah, insya'allah.

Anyway that aside, I have been updating my Facebook with pictures of my preparations, for keepsakes. Some may say showoff, but really, its a once in a lifetime event thing. I would like to flip back to memories and laugh it off with my husband one day. :)

Am glad I manage to keep my schedules on track. Alhamdulillah, most of the preparations are 90% done. I just pray and hope that the event will run smoothly on the day itself, especially the solemnization part. I'll have no idea when I'll blog again, probably after the wedding when I have the pictures? Hehehehe.

So till then!

"The importance of the institution or marriage receives its greatest emphasis from the following Hadith of the Prophet;

Marriage is my sunnah. Whosoever keeps away from it is not from me."

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<Monday, November 14, 2011>

Its been a good 4 months since I last updated. And coincidentally, I'm left with another four more months to go before the big day.

For the past few months, we are slapped with so many problems. Pre-marital challenges, they say? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Come to think of it, I do feel the pre wedding jitters right now. On whether I have made the right choice, right time and everything related to it. Googled it and it seems normal for brides to feel this way.

Of course, when you gonna spend the rest of your life waking up to the man you love, you'll be thinking a lot. And I wonder why women love to think. Unnecessary worrying/thinking cause too much trouble sometimes, just saying!

Reason for this update is because I'm on leave for a week so I have too much time. And I promise I'm gonna make this week a productive one!

In the meantime, Happy 22nd birthday to me in say, 5 hours time! :)

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<Sunday, July 10, 2011>

So me and his sis made plannings weeks before his birthday. Plan a dinner celebration at Kampung Chaichee Seafood. My 2nd time there but for me, the food is just so-so.

But since its FOOOOOOD, FOOOOOOOOOD & MORE FOOOD, bedal je lah. Camne tak gemok eh?
So that was it. The weekend birthday celebration. TILL THEN!

And ouh, we completed our MARRIAGE PREPARATION COURSE! Dah boleh kahwin! :):)

P/S: That explains why I'm in hijab. :)

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<Sunday, July 03, 2011>

Work have *almost* taken over my life, whats more with the shift and all. And without me realising it, it has been a good 4.5 months plus in my ward. Good news is, I am transferred to another department which has slightly less workload. But bad thing is, I'm gonna miss my ward and my colleagues. But life goes on right?

Anyway, the reason for this entry is because I am going to blog about my fiance' birthday celebration. I make it a point that no matter how busy I am, I have to blog about birthdays or celebrations, cause thats the only way we can reminisce the past.

A year ago, we celebrated his birthday in KL. A birthday treat from me. But this year we decide to keep it simple in view of saving for the wedding and marriage.

Surprise him to a sumptuous buffet dinner at Asian Market Cafe at Fairmont Singapore. Initially wanted to book Carousel or Straits Kitchen but they are fully booked. :(.

The buffet is like any other buffet restaurants, but I prefer Sakura as its more cheaper and more variety of deserts. I'm a desert person. The only thing here there is crabs, stingrays and sushi and all.

Why the Po, Kungfu Panda, you asked? Cause to us we find the character and body
so similar to him! And besides that, I hid his watch on Po's arm and he didn't realise.

The expression on his face - priceless. I did a good job in surprising him. Just like all the other birthdays. :) :) :)

Stay tune for part 2. Celebration with his family.

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<Tuesday, May 17, 2011>

What started out as an interest turns out to be a passion. Hence, I really must thank the trust and faith my customer have given me.

My 2nd diaper cake.
Yes I am taking in orders. :)


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<Saturday, May 14, 2011>

So on my 2nd year engagement anniversary, I decided to surprise him to a trip to USS together with my fellow partners in crime, Fad and Eddy. The surprise was known when I told him the night before, am afraid that he would dress so shabbily.

Anyway, its really a waste of money for me to go there since I did not take the thrilling rides, the Galacticas and Mummy. But its a good deal for us since NTUC members are entitled to $50 for the tickets! And furthermore it was raining and we even bought the $2 ponchos.

Anyway, not gonna talk much! Pictures galore!
Went back home soaked, cause of the raft thing. I was wearing poncho and I am the only who got wet! I think its a tad too big for me lah what why. The food there was expensive, as expected, not too bad lah. Anyway we bought a lot of sourveniers ala tourist and even a $18.90 water bottle for baby cause he kemarok and he even named it Bobby.

Anyway, talking about anniversary, guess what? Tomorrow is our 4 years anniversary.

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<Thursday, April 21, 2011>

In a couple of weeks, our engagement anniversary will turn 2 and our BGR anniversary will turn 4. It seems just like yesterday where we get to know each other at an event at OCBC and you know, the rest is history. Like any other couples, we fight, we argue, we break, we kiss, we make up. I don't know why but this one is a keeper and hopefully we will last forever *insya'allah*.

Anyway, 11 months prior to the wedding, I can finally say that we have booked the most important things such as catering and bridal and all, and all is left now is the marriage course and also, the savings part. I am patiently waiting for the day for us to get hitched cause for those who know, this wedding saga has been going on since forever you know. Flashback to my blog in 2007/08, OMG. Its been so long. I have been waiting up till now to marry the father of my children. :)

He, on the other hand has grown so healthily but of course, I love him more. For me, I couldn't be bothered about my weight now. HAHAHHAA.

Workwise, all's good. waiting for the one year and off I go to pursue my education, hopefully! Next year is a very happy year for us indeed!

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<Sunday, March 27, 2011>

Work has taken most of my time. And shift work makes it even more tedious for me to spend time with my man, much more blogging. Its been a month and many things have changed. First I have finally switched to the nursing career in a new environment and its already been a month since I've start. And the best part my girlfriends are working with me in the same ward! Double happiness! Anyway a lil update about my life. Hmm let's see, well its less than a year more to the BIG day. I really can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my beloved. I waited years for this. Most of the wedding preparations has been done, just the minor stuffs left. Hornymoon haven't been decided. And its already MARCH 2011. ITS SO FAST. I haven't been maintaining my resolutions which is to keep fit and slim. Aiyohhhh. It'll be a pictureless entry for today cause me no mood upload pictures. I am more active in FB and twitter. Hehehehhee. And oh, for the first time I BOUGHT SOMETHING ONLINE FROM UK!!! Alright, that's it for now. GOOD NIGHT.

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<Sunday, February 13, 2011>

Yes, I know I haven't been updating this personal space of mine. First time using this app, btw, so testing how its like. I have been very,very busy with life and I must say, February has been very nice to me.

So anyway, I finally passed my TP after two attempts and being hanging for so long. I was so elated and was itching to bring it on the road but ohmy, my fiance was much,much fiercer and firmer than my tester. I could cry on the road if I would. That's how mean he is. But of course I know its for my safety.

And also, insya'allah will be embarking on a new career with a new environment soon if all criteria passed. Really, 2011 has indeed been a good year for me and with all the good news I have been getting, nothing has never been better. Alhamdulillah.

And also, made my 2nd trial diaper cake and I am loving what I see. Maybe a simple one but hey, someone has to start from somewhere right.

Yeap so that's about it. Will update more soon!
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<Wednesday, February 02, 2011>

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<Tuesday, January 18, 2011>

I am very, very excited for the past few days. Why?

Because I finally booked something at Expo ever since I've been there for the past 3 years! LOLS! Yeap, booked my catering and signed my bridal contract. Could not expressed my happiness in words, it just seems magical to me. Hehehe. So it means I'm left with marriage course, wedding bands, wedding favours, wedding cards, wedding gifts which can be settled at the later part of the year. =)

And another happy thing is, my Punggol Residences has built till level 5! My unit dah lepas dah. OMG OMG I'm so excited like a fat kid got cake can?

May 2011 be a prosperous year for me and him, insya'allah.

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